Customer Spotlight: Smalltown Goodness Minutes from Omaha

by Jeremy Jensen, Manager at Cutthroat Print Consulting

One of my favorite experiences growing up was visiting our small town bakery in York.  Most Saturday mornings I would find myself in front of the bakery peering into the windows and wishing I had just a couple more dimes to get another fresh baked delight.  In fact, some of my most fond memories of time with my father as a child were spent at that bakery.

The conglomerate grocery store chain bakeries of the world have taken over with sometimes cheap, low-quality soulless and poor tasting confections that leave many of us thinking:  “What ever happened to my old small town bakery?!”  I’m absolutely thrilled to have stumbled upon one of Nebraska’s best kept secrets, located just minutes north of Omaha in downtown Fremont.

Jeremy Jensen at Alotta Brownies Bakery in Fremont

Michelle Kaiser, owner of Alotta Brownies, is one of the hardest working people I have ever met.  She has become a great friend and Center Sphere networking companion over the last couple of months.  Michelle is a master networker, has a great referral network, and genuinely cares about other small business owners, so we naturally get along well.  Michelle’s energy, passion, and excitement about baking is contagious, and her creations are absolutely one-of-a-kind delicious.

I took a morning off to finally make the short trip to Fremont to visit Michelle and get an official tour of her bakery.  There is only one word that can describe Michelle’s entire operation:  WOW.

I invited a few friends to join us for the tour, and we started the morning watching Michelle mix up and roll out peanut butter cinnamon rolls at lightning speed.  It’s easy to see that she’s a very experienced baker as you watch her hands and fingers carefully mold with precision and an even accuracy.  If you’ve ever rolled cinnamon rolls yourself, you know this is no easy task, and takes years to master.

Alotta Brownies Bakery also serves amazing coffee and drinks and has a quaint “eat-in” atmosphere, perfect for business meetings and meet-ups.  Michelle served us some fresh cinnamon rolls and I was blown away with the quality and taste of the dough and the icing.

Alotta Brownies Bakery has won several awards including “Best of Omaha”.

As you can see from the photos below, Alotta Brownies Bakery is a lot more than just brownies.  Last year Alotta Brownies baked and delivered more than 75 custom wedding cakes.

In addition to creating hand-made rolls, cupcakes, cakes, pastries and breads with always fresh ingredients prepared with love, they specialize in providing custom corporate gifts.  I have actually hired Alotta Brownies Bakery to prepare and deliver custom “Thanks for your business” gifts for some of my customers in the past, which has absolutely impressed my customers with an enormous WOW factor.  They’ve done a great job of making me look good, and I highly recommend you consider Alotta Brownies for your corporate gift giving and catering as well.

Next time you have an afternoon off work, I suggest you make the short 20 minute drive up to Fremont, you’ll be glad you did. But even if you’re unable to make the trip, you can check out some of Alotta Brownie Bakery’s products at Stories Coffee House at 1129 S. 180th Street in Omaha.

Michelle Kaiser at Alotta BrowniesAlotta Brownies Bakery in FremontAlotta Brownies Bakery in FremontAlotta Brownies Bakery in Fremont





Photography provided by VW Photography in Fremont

Alotta Brownies Bakery in Fremont

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