Jensen Awarded Top Business Networking Award

On Friday, June 3rd, 2016, Center Sphere held the 2015 Annual Business Networking Awards Banquet at Noah’s Event Venue in Omaha.  Cutthroat Print Manger & Founder Jeremy Jensen was awarded with the 2015 “Most Referral Business” award, and the highest honor – the 2015 “Top Producer” award.

The mission of Center Sphere is to create a network of local support for businesses through trusted and profitable relationship building.  More than 1,000 business owners across the country are members of Center Sphere, with more than half of those being in the Omaha and Lincoln areas.

(Below photos courtesy of Vance Wagner at VW Photography in Fremont)


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When I started Cutthroat Print, I knew I was going to have to do more than just being a printer who could deliver great printing at great prices.  In order to get on my prospect’s radar, I was going to have to figure out a way to put money into their pockets first by closing sales for them.

 -Jeremy Jensen

“Meeting for one hour a week with a team of business professionals from a variety of different businesses helps me stay focused, and on track, when it comes to building new relationships” said Jess Perry, Cutthroat Print Head of Graphic Design, and member of Center Sphere Chapter 1380 in Lincoln.
During his acceptance speech at the awards banquet, Jensen mentioned the importance of utilizing the relationships built through business networking to help small businesses thrive.  “To be taken seriously, someone has to be the first person to slide that dollar across the table – and I’ve never been afraid to do that.  Exchanging business builds trust, and cements new relationships.  Every day, small business owners across America are succeeding against all odds:  Long hours, seemingly impossible hurdles like big government regulations, huge competing corporate interests, working in the business and on the business – It can at times seem almost overwhelming.  Having like-minded peers who are experiencing the same challenges makes all the difference when it comes to personal motivation and success.”

In addition to his one hour-a-week Center Sphere chapter meeting, Jensen also visits other chapters and groups, and gives a presentation on “making the most out of business networking”.  Jensen also hosts two business networking events twice a month in the Omaha area where 50-75 small business owners and decision makers attend to make new introductions in an organic and natural atmosphere.  “These events have absolutely contributed to my success and the success of business owners within my network.  I firmly believe showing up at events at the end of the day – even when I’m tired, busy, and frustrated – is part of my job if I want to be successful, and it’s important for me to make that effort to round out my responsibilities to my business.”

Other awards given included:

  • Most 1-1s:  Michelle Kaiser – Allotta Brownies Baker
  • Sphere of Excellence, Travis Payne – Omaha Home for Boys
  • Top Chapter, Overall:  Chapter 1518, Chapter President Shawn Ilg – Nebraska Realty
  • Top Chapter, Average:  Chapter 1415:  Chapter President Scott Meyers – Turner & Associates
  • Chapter Sphere of Excellence: Chapter 1515,  Chapter President Josh Wilcox – Ameritas Financial

Check out where and when Center Sphere chapters meet:

The video below was screened at the event prior to Jeremy Jensen’s receiving the 2015 Center Sphere Top Producer award, and features his thoughts on some of the advantages of being a member of Center Sphere:

If you’re a small business owner and would like to know more about how to make business networking work for you, please contact us at Cutthroat Print, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about how you can join Center Sphere, and LIBA (Lincoln Independent Business Association), and get involved in business networking opportunities in the Lincoln and Omaha areas that can take your small business to the next level.