Old Friends Build Business on Collaboration

Anyone who has seen a television show or movie about a work place dreams of working with their friends. What could be better? Working with people you know, trust, and are able to communicate well with provides a comfortable and efficient work environment. As Jeremy Jensen and Jess Perry of Cutthroat Print know, it also

Price, Quality & Turn-Around

By Jeremy Jensen, Manager of Cutthroat Print Consulting We get a lot of questions about cost and speed of projects.  Every project has 3 key points which determine how we’re going to produce your printed project:  price, quality, and turn-around time. The services and specialties at each print shop vary.  With an enormous number of products available,

5 tips to help you keep design cost down

By Jess Perry, Head Designer at Cutthroat Print Consulting Today’s professional graphic design services are often times overlooked when it comes to creating marketing materials. Many believe with the aid of technology and free design software, becoming a graphic design artist is simple. The average person can place some clipart images onto a design, but when it

Cutthroat Print Welcomes New Owner

We are excited to welcome Matt Aden from Omaha as the new owner of Cutthroat Print Consulting, LLC. Matt was born and raised in Nebraska.  In 1982 he and his wife Sheri (an original sales associate with Cutthroat Print) relocated to Kansas City where he entered the Telecommunications industry as District Sales Manager for Oak Industries.